Welcome back to another fabulous giveaway from Android Community and NVIDIA – this time we’ve got no less than 3 Google Nexus 7 16GB tablets for you, hot off the manufacturing line! What we’re going to ask you to do is get involved in the Android Community forums and represent for your favorite Tegra-toting device or TegraZone game. It’s easy!

We’ve got a total of three brand new Google Nexus 7 tablets (see our full review here) that you’ll be able to get a chance to win by following the following three steps. ALSO NOTE: SlashGear has a similar giveaway going on connected to their own Tegra hub – 3 more Nexus 7 tablets up for grabs there!

It’s quite simple – all you’ve got to do is show your NVIDIA love:

1. Head to [this Android Community forums post] — and if you don’t yet have an account, register here.

2. Comment on your favorite NVIDIA Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 device on the market OR your favorite TegraZone game. These can be games and devices that are out now or will be out soon – and you can find a vast collection of both [here in our Tegra hub] and be sure to say WHY you love or want it!

3. Sit back and cross your fingers!

This giveaway starts on Friday, August 10th, 2012 and runs until Friday, August 17th at midnight. We’ll pick a collection of our favorite entries and from that set we’ll choose three winners at random – we’ll announce the winners on Monday, August 20th in the forums and right here in this original giveaway post!

Competition is open to residents of the US only, over the age of 18. One entry per person. Family members of NVIDIA, ASUS, Google, and SlashGear/Android Community are not permitted to enter. Competition entries are only accepted via the specified Android Community forum post; entries left in the comments section of this or any other post will not be recognized.

The winners will be contacted by an Android Community/SlashGear staff member IN THE FORUMS upon being selected and will be expected to respond to that staff member; they will be expected to respond within 24 hours else their prize may be forfeit and another winner selected.

Editors decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Winners agree that their name and details of their entry may be used for promotional purposes by, but not limited to Android Community, SlashGear, and NVIDIA.

Each of the three prize packs consist of a pack including one Google Nexus 7 tablet, and that’s it! There are no other alternative for prize winners unless this prizes become unavailable, in which case Android Community reserves the right to substitute another prize of equal or greater value.

We’ve picked a few winners and would like to congratulate badfetch, gh0st665, and jaeDMC for winning a brand new Nexus 7. Enjoy!!!

Giveaway provided by SlashGear/Android Community. Prizes provided by NVIDIA. Any questions regarding this giveaway should be directed to giveaway [AT] slashgear.com.


  1. The transformer prime is pretty sleek you must admit. I don’t believe there is one person who could read the review and say “meh”, yes I am even talking to you trendy Apple people. I am a college student with a netbook that has a battery life of a measly 3 hours and that is slowly but surely getting worse over the months. The battery life alone is enough to make me want one, but there are plenty of other reasons that set this computer apart from the rest of the bunch. See for yourself: http://www.slashgear.com/asus-transformer-prime-review-02199429/

  2. I’ve been playing with my first ever tablet for about a week and I have to say this Nexus7 is so freeking cool. Granted I’ve been playing with an outdated myTouch running FroYo, so I’m easily impressed.
    Great battery, very fluid response, and Jelly Bean is so very nice.
    My iPhone friends have all had their hands on it and they all wander of muttering things like “I bet he paid a lot more than $250 for that”, or “I wish Siri was that fast and accurate”.
    Basically I love taking it to work to see what new stuff they have to say. But at the end of the day I’m the one taking it home. And the best part, I’m still finding out about the greatness of Jelly Bean. I have yet to find anything about the Nexus7 that I don’t like.

    Have you gotten yours yet

  3. Nexus 7 is currently the best value tablet right now. Imagine what next 2 years brings! Used prices seem to cut 1/2 every year. This means Nexus 7 used should be around $50 in 2 years. This means EVERYONE who wants one can have one!

  4. I’ve had the first Transformer since it came out and I love it. I’m hoping to upgrade to the Nexus 7 because a 7″ tablet has more mobility and functionality in class, as well as the outstanding specs and performance.

  5. I like the asus transformer pad, it looks looks pretty cool but for the form factor and price, nothing beats the nexus 7, my favorite tegra device.

  6. I like the asus transformer pad, it looks looks pretty cool but for the form factor and price, nothing beats the nexus 7, my favorite tegra device.

  7. My last phone was a Motorola Atrix which had a Tegra 2 and it was a power house. Good at rendering live wallpapers, and flash video. Also it had amazing hardware decoding for video and overclocked well. I now have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which also has a Tegra 2, and it is just as good. My friend has a Nexus 7 and was showing me some of the Tegra 3 games that are available and they’re incredible. I also love the 4+1 core system for battery saving when not watching movies or playing games.


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