So Trickster Arts has come up with an interesting game called Hackers, and the title is just about accurate – the game puts players in a place where they can become the best hacker in the world. But the gameplay is interesting, where the process of hacking is now graphically visualized to make it easier to play. It’s certainly something worth checking out.


Hackers takes place in an alternate reality where a piece of software was designed to make hacking into systems that much easier. The software has been made available to the public, so that anyone and everyone can get into the hackathon. But unlike real-world hacking which consists of command line usage and hardcore coding, this alternate reality puts systems and the hacking process in a GUI (graphical user interface) to make things easier to try and hack other people, much like solving a puzzle.

Players will then need to build their own 3D network while trying to hack the networks of other players online. This will bring players against each other to claim the title of the greatest hacker in the world. You have to admit, the premise of the game is pretty interesting.


The game is now available for download free, with IAPs. If you want to try this new game, check out the link below, and don’t forget to tell us about it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


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