GravityBox can make a claim for the title of “most loved Xposed module” and most people would probably agree. If you have at any point in time tweaked your Android device using the Xposed Framework, then you will (at the very least) have heard of GravityBox. Simply put, it was a module that gave your stock ROM features that seemingly only custom ROMs could put out. But Android 5.0 Lollipop came and broke Xposed Framework compatibilities, leaving GravityBox users in limbo of whether they should jump to Lollipop.

Recently, Xposed Framework has made a return to Lollipop. It’s not the full deal, mind you – a lot of the features are still being worked on. Since that time, GravityBox developer and XDA contributor “C3C076” pushed and pushed so that his project could at least be available for Lollipop users. What we have here today will probably make GravityBox users smile.

GravityBox has arrived for Lollipop – well, sort of. Given the amount of work needed so that the module could start working in Lollipop, we have to understand that it will take a while for the whole shebang to be migrated to Android 5.0. But it works, after a fashion – features like CM Pie Controls, Extended Desktop, statusbar brightness control and theming options, navigation bar tweaks, LED settings, advanced power menu, and even the additional functionalities for the volume rocker.

Head on over to the official GravityBox thread here for a complete look at what works and what does not work with Lollipop. If you’re feeling adventurous, please check the feedback thread for things to watch out for and other important stuff.