We welcome you back to our regular “Games of the Week” portion, where we feed your gaming cravings with what we think are the best games that you would want to check out from this week. We give you a mix coming from most genres of Android gaming, so don’t expect this to be an “all RPG” or “all strategy” affair. We want to offer some casual gaming stuff as well, and also people who are interested in making life difficult for themselves and playing with challenging puzzle games. Here we go!

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories


The Grand Theft Auto franchise is no stranger to the Android ecosystem, but most of the games from the franchise on Android are ports from console. This new game from Rockstar Games called “GTA: Liberty Stories” came not from consoles but from the Sony PlayStation Portable almost 10 years ago and is now making its debut on Android for the low, low price of USD$3.99. Liberty City Stories has a faster, simpler gameplay that lends itself well to mobile devices. You won’t always want to finish a long mission while on your phone, so what you need is a bite-sized GTA, and that’s what you get.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Evo Explores


If you’re up for a good puzzle game to while away your time, then we might have one for you. If Evo Explores looks and feels like Monument Valley, it is probably intentional as developers are looking for the next big success in the puzzle gaming genre. In the game, you guide the main character – Evo, who is a space explorer, by the way – as he tries to discover the secrets of the planet Byte, where regular physical laws don’t work. The puzzles look like disconnected 3D structures but you need to manipulate them in order to give Evo a clear path to the exit. The game is weird, challenging, and a joy to play, if you are not frustrated with difficult puzzles.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Dub Dash


You know those addictive-yet-frustrating music-based games where you try to tap in time with the music? Yeah, those. Well, here’s another one – Dub Dash is an action game where you need to follow the beat in seven challenging modes as audio tracks and visual effects are beautifully visualized to produce harmony with every song. In Dub Dash, you need to be ready for whatever challenge that comes your way – avoid obstacles, make 90-degree turns, fly, spin wheels, or do whatever is asked of you. If you’re up for a musical challenge, maybe Dub Dash is a game you can try.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Bombing Bastards


Forgive the semi-French in the title, but this game is closely related to one of the classics that you may remember (Bomber Man, anyone?). The gameplay is simple – you get into a maze and blast away all the monsters in the current maze. That may all sound simple, but as your bombs get more powerful, another challenge is not to get caught up in the blast itself. The game has 5 different worlds to play in and 30 different kinds of mazes. The best thing about this? The game is absolutely free to play – no IAPs or ads, but you just need to watch an ad if you want your character to be resurrected when it dies.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Tennis Club Story


So there are a lot (and we mean a LOT) of tennis action games in the Google Play Store, and by this we mean tennis games that get you close to the action and very much like the real thing. “Tennis Club Story” is NOT that kind of game. This game is a simulation-slash-management game where you can train your characters to become top tennis players, and do it in 8-bit style. It’s not an action game, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. In the game you can choose your training style depending on the kind of player you want to develop. You can also get sponsors who supply you with gear, items, and more. It’s a lot of fun, and that is why it has the premium price of USD$4.99.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

That’s it gamers. Let these games satisfy your gaming fix for this week. Watch this space again next week for more games!