Looks like our “Games of the Week” feature (GOTW) will be a regular thing these days. Which is all good, of course, as we bring you the best games you can install on your Android device to make sure your downtime is still a great time playing quality games. So here are our recommendations for the second week of February. Get your devices ready for downloading, and in some cases – you will have to plump up the cash (or plastic) to get these great games.

Final Fantasy IX for Android


We start out with a premium game. Square Enix’s Final Fanatsy IX for Android will cost you, but a version of this PlayStation classic on your Android is definitely worth the cash, we feel. If you played this before, it will certainly be a good nostalgia attack. Run around that fantastical world with Zidane, Princess Garnet, Adelbert Steiner, Vivi, and the others – battling baddies, summoning Eidolons, getting fantastic gear, all that stuff. Square Enix is still going with its patented ATB battle system, so this one will be a treat for Final Fantasy fans. The great news is, it is on discounted sale until February 21 – for USD$19.99. Still expensive, we know, but very much worth it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Color Switch


If you’re on the lookout for the next game that will frustrate you with the need for exact taps and ninja-like skillz on your Android smartphone or tablet, we’ve got a contender in Color Switch. It’s gaining both popularity and infamy these days – popular because a lot of people want to try it, and infamous because after trying, a lot of people begin to hate it. The game is difficult like that. Developers have given a warning up front – “Please don’t break your phone.” The game asks players to tap on the screen of their devices to control a ball that switches colors (hence the name). You need to navigate said colored ball through every obstacle and every level. You can only pass through obstacles when the color matches the color of your ball. If you pass through the wrong color, then you have to start all over again. It’s Flappy Bird all over again, in terms of frustration levels. But hey, if you think you can match the skillz needed, go for it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Alto’s Adventure


Looks like a lot of people are not over snow and winter yet, so this new skiing game called Alto’s Adventure should be a treat. Or, this can be for those people who do not have snow in their weather systems where they are, enjoying skiing on your Android device can be the next closest thing. Alto’s Adventure was a great hit on iOS and considered as one of the best looks in a mobile game last year. We’re glad to finally have it over on Android. You will be snowboarding with Alto and his friends in game. As they make their journey across the slopes, they get to rescue animals, outwit the mountain elders, and have a crazy adventure trying to survive the changing elements. You won’t regret this, go ahead and give it a try.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Splash Cars


If you’re looking for a game for kids – and err, even the more mature ones – to enjoy and play over and over, Splash Cars is a definite shoo-in to your list. This game will remind you of Konami’s 80s racing hit Road Righter, only that Splash Cars is in 3D. All you need to do is drive away from the guys chasing after you – all the while leaving a trail of colorful paint behind you. Of course, the police won’t like this one bit, so expect them be chasing after you as well. Try this out on your device, it looks like lots of fun.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Ys Chronicles II: Ancient Ys Vanished – The Final Chapter


Yep, that is one looong title for a game. Ys Chronicles II is an RPG from DotEmu, and it’s not surprising that it launched immediately after FF9 was released by Square Enix. DotEmu is providing Android RPG fans out there the cheaper option. If you still want to enjoy some good RPG gaming time, at less than half the price of what Square Enix is asking for FF9, then you can try this for USD$5.00. Heck you can even download the first half of this story – Ys Chronicles 1 – for only USD$2.00 dollars and you still will have spent less than if you bought FF9. That is, of course, if you’re willing to spend less. If you have the cash to splash, get ‘em all!


DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

That’s it guys and gals. We hope these satisfy your gaming fix for this week. Watch this space again next week for more games!