It’s that time of the year again. We’ll be seeing earnings report for Q4 from many different companies ranging from Google as we have here, Verizon from earlier, Apple, and many more coming soon. Today our good ol friends from Mountain View have detailed their Q4 earnings report and lets just say things are looking pretty good for Google.

We’re waiting for the actual earnings call to take place as that’s where we usually here a few goodies related to Android, especially when the QnA gets started. For now however the initial report is showing some strong year over year and quarter over quarter earnings to say the least. Google’s got a pretty decent amount of cash on hand too.

Google’s Q4 report posted an overall revenue topping 14.4 billion dollars, with $2.1 billion in net income — and that’s just for Q4 of 2012. That stat of $14.4 billion revenue is up 36% YOY, and their not even counting the $1.51 billion in revenue from their recent Motorola acquisition. Add that in and they are getting close to 16 bn.

While Motorola saw 1.51 in revenue, they still lost around $350 million. Chump change I guess. As we mentioned above we’ll be waiting around and listening to their actual earnings call that has just started moments ago, and will update when we hear additional details. To end we’ll report that Google claims to have around $48 billion in cash on hand — or sitting in a huge truck waiting to be delivered to my home. 53,861 full-time employees was mentioned at the end. They have some 37,000 employees, Motorola employee count rings in over 11,000 and Moto Home tops the 5k mark. We’ll update if we hear more and you can see the detailed breakdown below.

[via Google]