This morning Verizon detailed their quarterly earnings report for the final months and holiday season of 2012. Releasing their Q4 earnings report that was full of useful numbers showing just how much they made, as well as a few losses. American’s largest 4G network was rocking all quarter and actually sold 9.8 million smartphones.

Overall Verizon posted extremely solid earnings and sales for Q4, but their continued investment in FiOS and improvements to their 4G LTE network made the end result post a $4.3 billion loss. Yes that’s billion. While they had a loss overall due to spending truckloads of cash on 4G LTE and FiOS, they still had an awesome overall report.

Verizon states they had record smartphone adoption, as well as record breaking numbers in terms of new postpaid subscribers. Big Red added over 2.1 million new postpaid subscribers to their network, and as mentioned above sold roughly 9.8 million smartphones in the final months of 2012 alone.

Of the 9.8 million phones it looks like the iPhone was around 6.2 million, so that leaves Android around 3 million with Apple selling 2/1 over Andy. Verizon’s past numbers showed a good report for Android and we’re not worried by today’s findings. In the end Verizon posted an 8.4% year over year increase in revenue topping $875 million in profit.

[via Verizon]