Project Tango, Google’s 3D mapping smartphone, is now in the hands of Developers. Once that happens, you know we’re getting some hands-on shots and videos of how the tech works. One benevolent soul posted some videos to YouTube, showing just how the tech works. Get ready to have your mind blown a bit.

We’ve gone over the tech powering Tango in a previous post, but to recap, there are basically four cameras doing all the 3D heavy lifting. One shoots in 180-degrees, one in 120-degrees, one for snapping pics of objects, and one for depth perception. All that — plus some special software, of course — give you a 3D render of your environment.

Via the videos, we see an infrared capture effect that just looks amazing. Or scary. We can’t tell yet, but it’s pretty amazing stuff for a tiny handheld. Also, we see a simple scan test in progress, which just looks cool. Very Terminator-esque, Google. Good job.

Project Tango will make it much easier for Google to get an idea of each environment you’re in, and has a ton of potential. We could start to see real environments in Google Maps, as well as uses for the connected home. We still don’t know what the intention with Tango is, though — if there really is one yet. For now, we know about mapping in 3D, and in just that scenario, we can imagine a ton of uses. Real 3D augmented reality games, better Maps, accessibility issues addressed — it’s endless. Check out the videos, and let us know what you think Tango would be good for in the comments section below!

Via: Makezine