Whoa, get excited guys. Say hello to the Nexus 10! We are getting our first look at Google and Samsung’s brand new Nexus 10 tablet in all its glory thanks to an entire gallery of photos leaked by BriefMobile. While many of the specs were already known, this confirms some of the previous rumors and puts everything to rest just days before Google’s official event. Read on for the full rundown and a few more pictures.

According to the pictures, details provided, and the screenshot the Samsung Nexus 10 will be an amazing tablet — that’s for sure. With a 10.1-inch 2560 x 1600 true HD display, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, yes Jelly Bean, and here’s the kicker. The Nexus 10 will be powered by Samsung’s brand new Exynos 5250 1.7 GHz dual-core processor. No it isn’t a quad-core, but it should be blazing fast based on the Cortex-A15.

Along with that beautiful and truly “retina” quality HD display comes 2GB of RAM 16GB of internal storage (micro-SD is doubtful) and a 5 megapixel camera — which we saw samples from this morning — then the usual NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, and everything else that will make this tablet amazing.

For those keeping track at home, the Samsung Exynos 5250 1.7 GHz dual-core is the same one being used in Google’s brand new Chromebook, and should be plenty fast even with just two cores. This is just breaking and surely we’ll be getting tons of additional details soon so enjoy the few photos below, then hit the source link for the full rundown. They’ve got tons of screenshots showing Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the all new Gallery app, improved pulldown bar with “Quick Settings”, multiple user accounts (which may or may not be on Android 4.2) and more.

It’s safe to say this is the most impressive sounding tablet with the highest specs we’ve seen yet. I’m not a fan of the rear design personally, but love the massive dual front facing speakers. What do you guys think? Give me this for $349 and I’ll be happy!

[via BriefMobile]


  1. Wow it looks great! The only issue is 16 GBs with no SD card slot. I’m struggling with 32 gigs on my tablet as it is. 16 GBs would make the tablet useless to me. But the resolution is so tempting…

    • Couldn’t agree more. At this time of progress in storage technology, 16GB should be restricted to nothing else but mobile phones. When I travel, often without internet access and at ridiculously high cost for DATA per MB used, (10$ for 1MB), I can barely store enough movies and music to get me by. Forget any larger games or personal files. There goes the whole “additional storage” concept.

    • Agree on the paltry storage. I don’t get it. The slot takes hardly any space, and the “store it in the cloud” model doesn’t work if you’re someplace without a signal. Might be able to use an adapter to connect a thumb drive, but we shouldn’t need to mess around with that on such a high-end device.

  2. If I were into the 10″ form factor, I’d be excited to pick one of these up. Front facing stereo speakers should be standard on all Tabs and this Samsung screen looks to be phenomenal.
    But if I’m going to have to carry something around in a case, it’s going to be an air/ultrabook.
    I’m REALLY happy with the form factor of the Nexus 7. I can just throw it in my back pocket or jacket pocket. This is a key part of why the iPad mini’s form factor fails for me.

  3. 16gb with no internal storage is a big fail for a 10″ tablet. It’s kind of a fail for a 7″ tablet too, unless you live in the US of A. In the US, Google’s various cloud services can help alleviate any local storage issues – store your entire music library in Google’s cloud, and stream on demand to your device. Rent TV show seasons to watch on the fly. Buy movies to watch when you want. All good stuff, and probably the primary reason why Google doesn’t design (or ask for) removable storage or bigger GB storage space on the devices they commission. But again, that works fine in the US where the full force of Google cloud services is available. But in other countries (like mine, Canada), Google’s cloud services are severely limited. We do not have Google Music. We do not have the Play Store’s TV shows section at all. No magazines either. Movies can only be rented – there’s no purchase option. So you basically have to keep your music directly on your tablet – ditto for video, if you want to watch them or listen to them. If you’re in your home network, sure you can use DNLA, but while travelling / out on town, your SOL. For these reasons, 16gb with no internal storage is a big FAIL on Google’s part. Apple can do this with the iPad because globally, they are far ahead of Google on cloud services and what iTunes offers (iTunes in Canada is pretty much identical to iTunes in the US, vis a vis services / titles / options offered).

    • That’s SD card slot, and you used the verb has wrong. Instead of “It was a perfect tab if it has sim slot”, it should be, “It would have been a perfect tablet if only it had a SD card slot.”. By the way, while you’re touching up on your grammar, practice typing with the Caps Lock off (it’s a lot easier to read).

  4. 32gb wifi only with dual core processor at $499 are you kidding me? is google giving the market over to apple new iPad4? ok ipad 4 is 2048×1536 vs nexus 10 at 2560×1600. and ipad4 32gb wifi is $599 but ipad4
    has “4g” lte and hspa+ available.
    no sdcard slot…big miss by both.
    i dunno, i was pre-sold on the nexus 10 but i’m not so sure now.


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