Google’s indoor maps feature for Google Maps is a great idea, but implementing it will take more than waiting for Google’s cameramobiles to drive around to your address (with the possible exception of the new Super Wal-Mart Drive-Thru). Business owners have been able to upload floorplans to Google Maps for some time now, but that still doesn’t provide particularly accurate information without a lot of WiFi around. Enter the Floor Plan Marker, Google’s official helper app for indoor Google Maps. You can download it from the Google Play Store right now.

It’s a pretty simple app, all things considered: just load up your location, start the app and walk around. Google will user the sensor data from your phone (including the WiFi connection, accelerometer, magnometer and the GPS radio where applicable) to generate a more accurate map, and automatically upload it to Google Maps. For those few places that already have indoor maps, you’ll be able to see your own location with much greater precision.

Like all of Google’s first party apps, Floor Plan Market is free, so if you frequent locations that use the service there’s no reason not to grab it. Alternately if you’re the own or manager of a larger retail location, it’s never been easier to get your place of business up and running on the service. Get to it. In a few months, there might be quite a bit more demand…

[via Engadget]