Google Assistant on More Devices

Google Workspace was made available to everyone last month. The Workspace Individual was also made ready. In the past year, we have seen how the program has improved especially since more people are using it for remote work. The “unlimited” docs space has been extended until 2022. Another update delivered Google Assistant and other integrations. There was also the Google Workspace for Education that has been designed to elevate learning. To review, Google Workspace was previously known as G Suite.

The latest round of update includes Google Assistant becoming available on more devices. This means you can rely on the Assistant on more smart devices and be able to access your Google Workspace services. For example, on your Nest Hub Max, you can access important Google Workspace data.

All you need to do is turn on Search and Google Assistant on your smart device. Allow specific home devices to have access. Don’t forget to specify what device will require Face Match or Voice Match. Such is still needed for authentication.

Rollout for this service has started today, July 15. It is gradual up to 15 days for features to be fully visible. It’s available to use for all Google Workspace customers. G Suite Basic and Business customers can also take advantage of this feature.

Note that this new feature is OFF be default. You need to enable it at the OU, group level, or domain. Enable Search and Assistant first on your different devices if you are managing several units.


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