Google is streamlining a lot of its products for the past few months and the latest to be “rebranded” is the already ten-year-old Google Apps for Work. Since we are now in the collaboration era when it comes to productivity, the goal now is to help us “work and innovate together” so that our respective businesses can “move faster and go bigger”. So now, they are calling this whole system the G Suite, which is composed of Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, etc. Meanwhile, the official blog for everything Google will now be known as Keywords.

Most of the stuff that are in the G Suite are things you may probably use already. So the rebranding may not really affect much of your personal workflow. But Google is saying that real-time collaboration will be built into this system, and they will be incorporating changes over the next few weeks into each of the apps included in G Suite. These changes include having better access to files in the cloud storage, a more intelligent way of scheduling on Google Calendar, improvements on Sheets, Docs, and Slides, etc.


Meanwhile, Google has around 19 blogs focused on different products from the tech giant. So now they’re streamlining everything into one place and they’re calling it Keyword, “a new destination for the latest news from inside Google, from Android to Translate.” Basically anything new that Google wants to tell you about will be here in one place so you don’t need to follow all of those other blogs. This is good since we were getting a bit confused already.

In related news, the whole enterprise platform is now being renamed into the Google Cloud. This includes the Google Cloud platform, enterprise mobility, Chromebooks, and the aforementioned G Suite. We don’t know what other changes this will be bringing, but it will be interesting to see what they will be.

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