Do you know how Google makes a lot of money? One word: AdWords. Advertising makes Google richer than ever and in return, it’s also making a lot of people and companies as advertisers earn money. There’s no stopping Google from slapping those ads in websites and apps and the search giant will only look for more places where more revenue can be collected.

Google is still improving on the AdWords program. In fact, it’s getting a new “Buy in Google” button so you can easily purchase whatever it is on the screen. It can be annoying but believe it or not, it will work on most people (read: shopaholics). With this change, online shopping is made easier and more convenient and this is what Google has been advertising. That is, to turn those ads into real browsable products, provide information, and actual reviews by other consumers. All these and more are part of the “Purchases on Google” strategy by the company.

With this series of changes, we can expect a number of updates to the AdWords program. According to Google, ads will be more detailed now and be more engaging (probably more annoying too?), and more direct when it comes to shopping suggestions. We can expect new advert bars on Chrome for Android. Swipe the bars and you’ll see more information, links, reviews, and products. For some, even the inventory of the store so you will know if the item is on stock.

When it comes to Google Now, new cards will show that contain more recommendations, details, and reviews. And yes, even when there’s a price drop as we already mentioned a few months ago. However, Google won’t be adding all the new features and that “Buy on Google” button to every ad. At first, the company will be working with a few retailers to test and allow the full checkout process. Under Armour and Staples will be the first two to take advantage of the updates. Let’s see if all these will really give more people a better mobile shopping experience.

VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: Google