Several Chrome OS-powered notebooks can now run Android. The idea makes Chromebooks more useful than eveR because you use one both as a laptop and a tablet. There is a demand for hybrid tablets but we know there are still people who want their devices to run on Windows out of necessity whether for work or whatever reason. Google continues to work and improve its products and services and this includes the Chrome OS that might also boot Windows. There is no official announcement yet by the tech giant but there have been references to AltOS.

This Alt OS was sighted on some commits that mention a “Message string for AltOS picker screen”. We don’t know what this means exactly but there is also a mention of “go/vboot-windows”. We’re assuming there will be a future Google-brand device, maybe a Pixelbook, that can dual boot Chrome OS and Windows.

Alt OS may mean “Alternative OS” but we remember there’s still the Fuchsia. We believe Google isn’t stopping with certain developments and there is a possibility a new one will roll out in time.

So Windows running on a Pixelbook? Why not. We welcome that idea because Google makes pretty great hardware. People have preferences on software though so this Alt OS may at least give the consumers another “alternative” option.

VIA: Reddit