The ‘Fuchsia’ started as a secret operating system with a new logo. It made its debut last year by tweeting to the world. The APK and preview of the new Google Fuchsia OS was soon available for download. A Pixelbook was earlier found with Fuchsia inside so we thought a desktop OS might be ready soon. It did run on a Pixelbook and we have a feeling it will be ready for public launch soon. The details aren’t clear yet but good news, you can test Fuchsia on the web.

Fuchsia is expected to be THE Google OS hardcore fans of the tech giant have been clamoring for. Unlike the Chrome OS and Android, this one takes advantage of a new kernel. Google developed this from scratch so you will see and feel a completely new experience. A web browser demo can be tried HERE.

Test Fuchsia OS on any browser and see for yourself what new and different features can this Google operating system offer. Feel free to try on your mobile or desktop to see if there are any differences or similarities with Chrome OS or Android. You won’t see or be able to test any apps but you can get to experience the new OS.

VIA: Reddit


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