Google WiFi was announced together with the new Google Home but it’s only now the router is being listed as available on the Google Store. The product is now ready to make our homes “smarter” and “better-wired”. We already know how this one works and we told you how you can set up the new WiFi. The mesh routers were listed up for pre-order last month and we were told of a December 6 launch. True enough, it reached the online store yesterday so we can all have access to the new WiFi router that is even faster compared to Luma and Eero routers.

Our friends over at SlashGear was able to test the Google WiFi and describe it. Some of the router’s advantages include its ease of setup, manageability, family-friendly features, solid mesh network performance, and affordability. It’s performance isn’t at par with high-end routers even at closer range. Router doesn’t even have USB ports or ethernet. It’s also disappointing that there is no Google Home functionality.

Google WiFi review:

The Google WiFi router makes it possible for you to have a fast and uninterrupted wireless Internet connection at home. It’s stronger and more reliable too as the mesh delivers continuous connectivity even if there are other routers in the surrounding area. It’s not enough that you are connected. Your routers must be integrated into the whole Mesh WiFi system.

SOURCE: Google Store