Google Web Light

After Facebook Lite has come to Android phones with slow internet connection, Google is introducing the Google Web Light. This is just one step from Google trying to enhance the experience of mobile users especially in areas where connection is slow.

In the US, 4G/LTE is rapidly expanding in most areas but in some areas, 3G speed is the standard. Unfortunately for some like those developing nations, 2G/3G speeds are more reliable. Because of this, Google thought of make a lighter version of search to improve loading times of websites and information. This means when you click on a page, you will see an optimized page loading faster instead of the full page with images.

Google said loading the “lite” page will be four times faster on a slow connection. Data will be reduced by 80% which also means more pageviews for webmasters, about 50% more. Shorter waiting time results to a better experience and people are more likely to fully load a page and get all the information you need.

This Google Web Light program was first launched in Indonesia. Brazil and India will soon have this being two of the biggest Android markets. When you search, some pages will be seen transcoded if the detected connection speed is slow. You will only see the changes if you go to the page coming from a Google query.

Google has not launched the program officially nor has an official brand name yet but we know this early as Google Web Light. There are some transcoded and redirected URLs now on

Here is a screenshot of Android Community’s website on Google Web Light:

Android Community Google Web Light

Visit Android Community’s Google Web Light Page

VIA: Android Police
SOURCE: Google