A new version of the Facebook app has turned up on Google Play and it is aimed directly at users who want something that uses less data and runs smoothly on low-end devices. The Facebook app can use a lot of data and that is a problem for people on limited plans. Sometimes the app can also be sluggish on devices that are on the low end of the power scale with limited performance.

Facebook Lite is designed to work well in all network conditions. In fact, the app was designed to operate on 2G networks and in areas with limited network connectivity. The app is also very small at under 1MB making it quick to download.

The small app is also fast loading and designed to be efficient with data so it consumes less of the user’s data allotment. The app launched in a few locations to begin where networks aren’t as robust as they are in many developed nations.

The app launched in Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe to start. The app is on Google Play at this link right now but might not be available for everyone (direct apk download link below).

SOURCE: TechCrunch
APK Download: mediafire


  1. Wow! It’s blocked in the country FB was founded in and likely has the most people complaining about its slowness and near-hostile-takeover of device resources. Glad there’s an APK for it. Only items on my to-want list are that it’d auto-capitalize words on the system keyboard (that’s a simple setting in the input parameters, I think), and call itself “Facebook Lite” instead of just “Lite”. And, of course, that it’d be legitimately available in the Play Store for USA so I can get updates. Really, just glad I can have messages within the app again… 😉


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