Google has recently shared details on the latest update for Wallet, and this one expands upon what we have been seeing with earlier updates. The latest Google Wallet update will be dealing with loyalty program cards. Specifically, Google will be making it even easier to add those loyalty cards to your Wallet account.

The updated app is scheduled to rollout sometime this week, however once available it will allow users to scan loyalty cards with the camera in your device. From that point, the app will auto-populate the information from your card. In theory, this should result in a bit less typing.

While Google is addressing the issue of adding the cards, they will also be taking a step towards making them easier to use. Well, maybe not easier, but they will be offering reminders in the form of notifications. The updated Wallet app will be sending alert notifications when you are close to a merchant.

Aside from being able to add loyalty cards by taking a picture, Google also began allowing Wallet users to add credit cards in a similar manner back in November. All that having been said, it seems Google is still in the process of shifting Wallet from a mobile payment system to something a bit more useful for times when a tap-and-pay setup is not available.

SOURCE: +GoogleWallet