Google released an update for Wallet back in September that added support for a wide variety of additional devices. Of course, that same update also brought a shift of focus. Wallet went from being an app that allowed those with an NFC capable device to make in-store payments to being an app that is heavily focused on sending money to others and storing loyalty/reward cards for various retailers.

That being said, it looks like Google has partnered with some additional brands and also shared details on some additional offers just ahead of the holiday shopping season. Coming by way of the official Google Commerce blog, there is a mention of limited time only special holiday bonus offers. In order to claim the offers, you would need to have the Wallet app installed, and then either sign-up for, or link your existing reward account.

The offers vary by retailer with one example being $30 in Orbucks for those who link their Orbitz Rewards account. Some of the others offering specials include Amtrak Guest Rewards, AVIS, California Pizza Kitchen, Walgreens, Red Mango and BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse. Linking these accounts, or others can be done in the Wallet app on your phone.

Users can launch the app then look for Loyalty Programs from the left-side menu. Once there just hit the “+” icon towards the upper right to begin adding. In addition, Google also has a few special offers for those shopping online using the “Buy With Google” button. Again, these offers vary by retailer, however there are offers from Orbitz, GNC, Wish, Eat 24, Rakuten and B&H.

In the end, this is a small update, but on the flip side we suppose Wallet fans/users will be happy for the continued attention. After all, for so long it seemed like Google Wallet support was going to remain focused on Tap & Pay (with NFC) and eventually disappear due to lack of carrier support.

SOURCE: Google