We heard not long ago that one of the reasons the Galaxy Nexus was delayed for a while was some sort of conflict between Google and Verizon over Google Wallet. The Google Wallet NFC payment app will work on the Nexus, but Verizon blocked the app from the smartphone. This is thought to be due to Verizon ready to roll out its own NFC payment app in conjunction with ISIS.

If you want Google Wallet on your Nexus, you can now get it with a very simple port that does not require you to jailbreak your smartphone according to Gottabemobile. The port allows the installation the Google Wallet app by installing the code as an APK. The only thing the end user needs to do is turn on the ability to download and install apps from places other than Android Market.

The big limitation to this method of installation is that it is region locked so it may not work outside the US. Installing the app on the Nexus using this method will allow the user to get the free $10 on their virtual card when they sign up with Google. If you have a Nexus, let us know if this works for you for making a purchase.

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