Image Credits to Techcrunch

About four months ago, Google had announced Google Wallet, a NFC-based payment system. Today, Techcrunch has just released an image of internal documentation indicating an official launch for the service for today, September 19.

The news of this release date following the video of George Costanza discovering Google Wallet which can be found here. Constanza’s famous wallet which has been shown on the show Seinfield to give him back pain for its ridiculous size. In the video, the star of Seinfield is shown discovering Google Wallet and having the contents of his oversize wallets overflow into the streets.

Google Wallet, which has already been demonstrated to work on a Nexus S 4G to purchase pants from American Eagle, is hoped to introduce NFC payments to mainstream consumers. Google, who plans to have over half of all Android phones to be equipped with NFC, has partnered with big name brands such as macy’s, Subway, Walgreens, Toys R’ Us, and American Eagle in addition to over 100,000 other stores in the US to bring NFC nationwide.

Further adding validity to the launch date, the launch of Google Wallet tomorrow would also align itself with the start of the NFC World Congress in France. The NFC World Congress, intended to further the development of NFC markets, would present the perfect stage for the launch of the service.



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