Google Wallet looks to bring some exciting changes to the way we all purchase items online, and in person. The steps for Google Wallet setup are quite simple, says Google on May the 26th in New York: Attach your Wallet, Enter your Pin, Add your Credit Card, and lock. We originally mentioned Google Wallet this morning and you can read that here. For even more details about Google Wallet check out this post. They have demoed Google Wallet today on Sprint’s Nexus S 4G.

Obviously for many security will be a main area of concern, but Google has you covered. Google is working with the current industry standardards with smartcard-based payments like PayPass and SecurePay, plus an NXP which is NFC + security element. This NXP chip is built right into your Nexus S device. This chip makes your device safe via locks and safe from issues like data skimming. Security is top priority for Google and rest assured they will have that covered.

So what do you all think, would you use Google Wallet today if you could or maybe wait til they iron out any possible bugs? Right on stage Google purchased a pair of pants from American Eagle using a 20% off code from Google Offers. It all looks super easy, secure, safe and better yet convenient.

A quote right from Google was that “by the end of next year half of all Android smartphones will have NFC.” That is a pretty bold statement and from the sounds of things they plan for Google Wallet to be a big hit.