In the usual Google fashion we are seeing updates arrive today for multiple apps by Mountain View. The folks from Google like to send out updates all in one quick push, and today have done just that. They’ve issued updates to Google Play Music, Google Wallet, and Google Drive all today in the past hour.

So far it appears that Google Wallet and Drive are the only ones that actually have any new features, and for the most part these updates are all about bug fixes and performance increases. My Verizon Galaxy Nexus still won’t show Google Wallet in the store, but it works great.

Google Wallet’s update has added a few new security features — which we’re sure no one will complain about when it comes to our credit card information being on device and in the cloud. Google also states performance fixes and a few battery saving features. Wallet should also be more stable although I’ve never experienced problems to begin with.

Google Drive however has a huge list of changes that includes pinch to zoom in documents, then we can create, upload, and move folders now. They’ve also added filters, Google Cloud Print, and a whole bevy of new features. Then you have Google Music — which we’re big fans of here. Google only states “minor fixes” so it doesn’t appear there’s much to talk about on that front. In other news Apple’s Co-founder Steve Woz wants iTunes on Android — do you? Hit the links below for the respective app updates.

Update: Looks like Google Play Movies & TV also was updated today. While it only lists “bug fixes” as well we’re seeing new permissions for NFC, as well as pairing with Bluetooth devices. Interesting.

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