Google is on track again this week updating a few of their popular applications for the world of Android. Updating Google Maps last week and today the Google Voice app has just received its latest update in the Android Market. Google has brought a few much needed and requested features. A big one is being able to send to multiple recipients.

Updated to version this afternoon you can now prefetch your voicemail. Meaning they can be listened to even when there is no data coverage or you are in a spotty area. Among a few other new enhancements they’ve added a feature that GVoice has been missing for a long time — the option to send messages to multiple recipients. With today’s update you can now easily and simply send messages to everyone you need at the same time whether its co-workers, family, or whoever. Here are the three main new improvements:

Prefetch voicemails so they can be listened to even when there is no data coverage
Allow sending text messages to multiple recipients
Improved text message notification

If you’ve been considering taking the dive into Google Voice now would be a good time. You get a new number you can use for whatever you’d like and it can send or receive calls and messages for much cheaper than your current plan probably offers. I’m pretty excited to give this multiple messages upgrade a try as I’m sure all of you are. Head down to the Android Market via the link below to get the latest and greatest from Google.

[via Google Voice]



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