A mystery update for Google Voice has just landed in the Android Market this afternoon. Google is busy today and has just released Google Chrome for Android, and now we are getting a redesigned Google Voice app with awesome UI improvements and tablet features. The updated Icon is being shown in the market but apparently the update isn’t pushing out yet, but we were able to quickly install it through the web Android Market here.

First off, the entire user interface, icon, and menu’s have all been updated to go along with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Complete with the color changes and all as you can see from the new cyan blue icon. Then in the image above you can see the new click-to-call feature that has been added to Android 4.0 tablets. We gave it a quick try and it worked great. The phone interface has also received these same changes, obviously, and looks pretty nice and more in line with what we’ve seen from Google lately.

The tablet version has also received the People app from ICS and you can initiate a Google Voice call right from the contacts tile, or image inside your People tab in Ice Cream Sandwich. Everything else from the what’s new list was all included with previous updates and we still have yet to receive the new final change log. Once this update starts rolling out officially we should know more. If you have troubles downloading the new update try it on the web market linked to below. Even if it says “installed” give it a click and get the latest. Someone didn’t do something right that is for sure, but we are enjoying it anyways.

Market Link