Google’s Voice Search is really ramping up! It’s been since June since we’ve seen additional voices added (See: French, German, Italian, and Spanish,), but now that there’s all sorts of people like skateboarders and chubby bunnies using the function, Google’s decided to up the ante. Now they’ve got voice recognition for Polish, Czech, Turkish, and Russia (where voice read you!)

Each of the languages available using Google Voice Search is workable only when you’ve got it activated. That means that if you’re speaking Polish, you can’t then search for something in Spanish without clicking the right switch. All of the new languages are preloaded on new Android devices, where all you’ve got to do is press and hold the search button to be able to speak your query and receive a result.

If you have Android 2.0 or higher and find that you don’t have Voice search installed, you can download the “Voice Search” app in the Android Market. Other phones can use this function too, devices such as iPhone can download the Google Mobile App with Voice Search from

[Via GoogleMobile]