Google has tweaked Search yet again. You may remember their recent update that allows you to open the camera for pics or videos with a simple command. This one is a lot like that, but a little different. This time, we’ll be able to listen to music from within Search.

By saying “play some music” after launching Search, Google will play an “I’m Feeling Lucky” radio station from Play Music. The lucky button is one based on your recent listening habits, and cobbles together a list of songs based on what you’re currently into. Of course, that means you have to be have and use Play Music.

So many changes indicate that Search is fast becoming the go-to service for Google on mobile. Between the quick-launch features of Google Now and new devices launching soon, it seems Search is going to be the tie that binds. We would expect this to be available on your Android Wear smartwatch or Google Glass as well — at least some day soon.

We’ve tried this on several Android devices already to much success. We really like it for the Moto X and its hands-free functionality. This also makes for an easier and safer commute — probably a more entertaining one, too.

Source: Google