A small update was pushed today for Google+ on Android and other platforms that adds a bit more fun to using Google’s social networking service. Users will now be notified whenever Google+ creates a picture through its Auto Awesome feature.

Not everyone who uses Google+ might be aware of this amusing new feature that was added to the service just a few months ago. Auto Awesome is a tool that automatically creates a new composition on pictures in your collection. This can range from a simple photobooth-style mix of photos with the same background, a short animation made from a series of 5 or more photos taken in rapid succession, to a merge of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.

While the feature has already been in Google+ on Android, iOS, and desktop versions for quite a while now, it works silently in the background and the only way you’ll be aware of such photos produced by Auto Awesome is by searching for photos using the word “#autoawesome” or by noticing an icon overlaid on the photo. Users will have to wonder no more as they will now be notified whenever that happens so that you can immediately show it to friends or share it with your circles.

Version 4.1.1 of the Google+ app for Android, which also contains other bug fixes and performance improvements, has already been pushed to Google Play Store. But as always, it may take some time before it reaches everyone.

SOURCE: Google+