Google is making a big push to be your go-to source for photography. Part of their strategy is image enhancement, be it automatically touching up or backing up your device photos in the cloud. Another subtle strategy involves turning your photos — when taken in rapid succession — into GIFs. Two new features, announced today, promise to improve on Google’s GIF capabilities.

Just in time for the holidays, Google is rolling out two new features meant to make GIF giving that much better. If you take a picture in the falling snow, Google+ will now add digital snow to the pic. It can be frustrating to try and capture a great snow shot, only for the snow to not show up or look like spots on the lens. We’re not sure if the digitally added snow knows to fall at the same rate or direction as the real stuff, but it’s a cool feature nonetheless.

Another new tweak for auto awesome pictures is twinkling lights. If you take a picture of something with shimmery lights, Google will add some twinkles to it for you. We suggest you take a stroll down one of the streets in your city where everyone decorates, and put this one to the test. It remains to be seen if this one adds white lights, or can support colors as well.

Though we can point to limitations all day, these are still two pretty amazing features. For those times when you just want the pic to accurately represent what was going on in the moment, these can help quite a bit. These are just two more features that make Google+ a real mobile photography powerhouse for us.