It looks like Google is about to get into a lot more hardware than just the Chromebook Pixel. A new report has just broke that will surely get some peoples interest piqued, and rumors swirling. Google is apparently building their own Android-powered game console, a Nexus smartwatch, and even a new Nexus Q. Talk about a loaded rumor. Read on for more thoughts.

We know the folks from Google have tons of side projects and things like Google X, not to mention are always innovating and creating new products. Even if they never see the light of day. However, with the OUYA, NVIDIA SHIELD, and tons of game consoles hitting the market, Google could be planning their own. According to this rumor it’s already in the works, and we could see it later this year.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to break the Motorola X-Phone rumors, and now they have another big one today. Reporting that “people familiar with the matter” have confirmed everything mentioned above. Crazy right? Google is reportedly working on their own smartwatch, which we’ll simply call the Nexus smartwatch for now, and then of course a game console. Both of these will be an attempt to combat any upcoming products by Apple. Not to mention dominate both markets, which are gaining a lot of popularity as of late.

The rumor is filled with little goodies. They even say Mountain View is working on the Nexus Q, a device which we saw last year at Google I/O that never was sold to the public and later canceled. However, I have a feeling the Nexus Q won’t ever exist. And instead everything Google had in store for it will be blend into the game console. Just like the Xbox plans to dominate our living room. Google’s Nexus Q (or Nexus console) will do the same. If I had to guess.


In closing the WSJ (and their sources) states that Google will design and market these products themselves (just like the Pixel) and at least one of these products will make a huge splash when it gets released this fall. Yes, this fall! Most likely anything at this point will be sold from the Play Store, so that’s a given.

The rumor and article goes on to mention Google developing their own phones for emerging markets, which we mentioned yesterday, as well as Android Key Lime Pie being offered to manufacturers like Samsung to be used in appliances and more. Not just smartphones and tablets. Man, this really is one loaded rumor isn’t it?

There’s plenty more, so check it all out from the link below. What do you guys think. Is a Google-made game console in the works, and would you buy one?

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal