The news and rumors surrounding Motorola and what Google has planned for them surely aren’t slowing down. We’re all still waiting some official details or announcements around the Motorola X-Phone. Then this afternoon we reportedly got the first look at their new logo, calling Motorola “A Google Company”. Now, the rumor mill has spun up a report that their next phone, the Motorola DVX, will be a budget phone for emerging markets.

Now this probably isn’t the news you all are hoping to read. As just like you all, I’d love to hear about the next major flagship smartphone from Motorola, especially now that Google is in charge. However news like this is important for the rest of the world, if indeed, the rumor is accurate. So lets take a peek.

According to PhoneArena and their “sources” Motorola will release multiple phones this year after the Moto X. One of those is reportedly currently being called the DVX, and will be a budget device that is extremely cheap for emerging markets. Now why does this matter? Well, because there are still billions of people that don’t have cellphones and can’t afford them, and Google wants to tap into that massive market.

Last month we reported on a new project (now called Loon) where Google will be using high-altitude blimps to bring WiFi and connectivity to emerging markets, such as Africa and others. Then there’s been talk of Google investing into a company called O3B (The Other 3 Billion) to bring network connectivity to the rest of the world.


It’s pretty interesting stuff, and surely something that we could see Google taking on. Once these projects get off the ground (literally with the Loon balloons) and an infrastructure is in place in rural areas and emerging markets, someone will need ultra-cheap devices for the population.

Google’s new Motorola DVX is rumored to be exactly that. It surely won’t be something us enthusiasts would buy, and nothing like the Galaxy S 4, but it will usher in connectivity and smartphone use to millions and billions of people. More details on this odd report can be found from the via below.

VIA: PhoneArena