In case you haven’t noticed, Google has a soft spot for India. Of course, the tech giant’s CEO Sundar Pichai is an Indian. Well, it’s not favoritism but the country is already considered an emerging market. If you notice, there are a number of products that are exclusive to India. Some OEMs choose to initially launch their devices in India (if not China) to test the waters.

The recent Google for India event had the company boasting the mobile payment app Tez has almost hit 12 million users. These are not just sign-ups but active users daily using the mobile payment method. Officially launched last September, Tez is about to get an update as announced recently by a Google representative. This upcoming update will include improvements to bill payment, sending and receiving money between two bank accounts, and now, the ability to pay for utilities and service providers.

Tez is being prepped with more features and functions including payment for various services you regularly pay for. It’s easy to do. Just add a service and the app will pull your old bills and check if payments are complete. Future bills will be added so you will be notified. No need to track your bills and payments one by one and manually each month because Tez can do those things automatically for you.

Google teamed up with about 70 service providers in India to be added to Tez. The mobile payment service seems to be a success as 140 million transactions have been made since the September launch. Most UPI-based transactions, about 73%, have been accounted using Tez. You see, the country has this Unified Payments Interface that allows inter-bank transactions. Service is free maybe that’s one reason more people are using Tez.

The update will arrive in the next few weeks. More businesses and merchants will be happy to know more features will be added, targeted for them, in the coming year.