Android Pay may be enough for some people but those in India deserve something more special. Not that Google favors the country or anything, it’s just that it is an emerging market and introducing new technologies, products, and services that can benefit both Google and the consumers. This actually came as a surprise but Google has a popular market that deserves new things.

Meet Tez. No, the girl name-sounding product isn’t a new smart assistant that would compete with the Siri or Alexa. Tez is a new mobile payment made exclusively for India. This digital payment app allows the registered users and shoppers to pay for items and services. This is also ideal for sharing expenses and splitting the bill. If you need to pay for and split a bill for a meal, for example, you can use Tez make payments.

This Tez may remind you of the split the bill option in PayPal or the Group Payments in Messenger. With Tez, you can send money straight from your bank account. You don’t have to open another account or reload e-wallets because most of the major banks in India are supported such as the State Bank of India, ICICI, HDFC Bank, and Axis.

Tez takes advantage of Unified Payments Interface (UPI). It is safe and easy to use for money transfers, thanks to Tez Shield that can help detect fraud, verify identity and prevent hacking. Every transaction requires a UPI PIN while the app itself requires screen lock or Google PIN. This mobile payment service is available in English and different dialects–Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi.

This effort is one way to make digital payments work for India. It is mainly aimed to compete with cash as it is easier, simpler, and even more affordable for some. This commerce app allows the users to make cash-like payments with Cash Mode and chat with other contacts among others. It really is made for India first and doesn’t have many requirements. It works on majority of smartphones in India runnin both iOS and Android.

Download Tez from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Tez, Google Blog


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