Google Fiber expansion

Major carriers in the US are pushing to advance 4G/LTE coverage while testing 5G connectivity that is still due in five years. Meanwhile, Google is also working hard to bring us faster Internet across the US albeit slowly (but surely). Only last month, the tech giant announced that Google Fiber would be arriving in San Antonio, Texas. It’s something we waited after a long time since the last expansion in four cities–Atlanta (Georgia), Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham (North Carolina), and Nashville (Tennessee)–rolled out in January.

Google wants to add more to the list of metro areas where Google Fiber is available. Three new cities will get to enjoy super fast Internet brought by Mountain View–if and when the plans push through. Three more cities namely Irvine and San Diego in California and Louisville, Kentucky –are being invited as potential Google Fiber cities. The company hopes to work with the city and community leaders soon to plan how they can very well optimize the service.

Faster Internet is being encouraged by the White House these days. Connection in the US may not be as superfast as those in Japan, Hong Kong, or South Korea but there is now a huge demand for such. In the US, Kansas City, where Google Fiber began, has one of the fastest Internet connection in the world today. That’s already a feat but Google wants to expand some more.

Google will start working with the local government of the cities aforementioned to study in detail factors that may affect construction. Google wants to check first the existing infrastructure, housing density, and topography–and see how they can build and manage Google Fiber within the areas.

Before Google decides to bring Google Fiber to the cities, city officials must also provide a number of information that might help the company in building Google Fiber infrastructure. The search giant noted how each city can be unique so timeline and approach for each one will be very different–if and when Google has determined to bring the Internet service to the three cities.

Google believes San Diego, Irvine, and Louisville all have potential to become tech hubs. They’re actually growing in the entrepreneurial and startup scenes so Google knows how important blazing fast Internet can be. It might take a while before Google makes a decision but this exploration stage is already exciting a lot of people. Let’s hope the city leaders will give Google’s requirements as soon as possible so their residents and constituents will get to experience Google Fiber’s many benefits.

SOURCE: Google Fiber Blog