Like most gamers and geeks we know, you’re probably waiting for the E3 2019. One of the biggest gaming events in the world is happening very soon so expect many new games, products, accessories, and services will be introduced. In the next few days, we look forward to more related updates and early announcements. Right now, we have information about the new Google Stadia that was presented to us back in March. The search giant is going ahead with a press conference where it will present Stadia. The pre-E3 event will happen this week.

Google will be having the Stadia Connect event his June 6, Thursday. It will start 9AM Pacific time. Most publishers will start press conferences on the 8th but Google is more than ready.

There isn’t much information provided but Google’s teaser says something about the pricing, games, and more launch details.

Google Stadia is the company’s big venture into the cloud gaming industry. It’s one of the firsts so we’re not expecting it will be perfect.

Stadia is set to be released later this 2019 as a new cheat-proof, cloud-based video game platform by Google. It’s interesting to know how the gaming world is changing and how Stadia can make a difference or help advance the technology.

We have an idea of how the Stadia will work but we want further details. The game streaming service will require subscription fees so we’re looking forward to pricing information and exact launch date. It will be interesting to note how Google will decide. We’re crossing our fingers the fees will be affordable so more people can get into the platform.

Of course, the Stadia console will be available for a price. There is still no info on that one but we’re thinking a $200 to $250 price tag won’t be bad. That is mid-range that most people can afford.


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