So, world of bloggers, do you know about Google Sites? Chances are you MIGHT know about it, but for those of you that don’t: Google Sites is a place like the Geocities and Angelfire sites of old,, Tumblr and etc of new – aka its a site where you can make a site. You have the ability to create a website that’s static, make it work as a blog, or even allows you to make a Wiki. What Google has announced today is that these sites have options where you’re able to automatically adjust your cool created site for mobile. Now your Android will see what you WANT it to see on your Pet Shop blog.

What this hopefully means to the bulk of us mobile users is that Google’s starting a big wave of conversions in-site that’ll make the internet a whole lot nicer to look at from our devices. At the moment, as you may well know, the difference between mobile viewing and desktop viewing is still pretty drastic, but with Google on the case, we’re sure heading down a road toward solutions we’ve never dreamed of.

Mobile versions of site list, sites search, and browse sites have been added as well for you Google Sites users, so head on over there for some sweet webpage creation action. For everyone else, we suggest you use apps such as News360 for Honeycomb tablets as well as Feedly RSS Reader for Honeycomb for all your in-app reading of these internets.