Google went big this year with the Halloween Google Doodle. This time around the Doodle went heavy and they got a few 1,000 pound pumpkins and started carving them right on their front lawn. The doodles are pretty famous and have been going on since forever. Today we have the behind the scenes video of the Halloween Google Doodle.

In case you’re wondering what exactly is the “Google Doodle”, it’s the drawings or images that are designed for, and around the Google logo on their homepage at often being completely changed for holiday’s or remembering special people in history and more — you can read more about them here.

This year the team used some giant pumpkins laying on haystacks and sitting right on the front lawn at Google headquarters. The largest was said to tipped the scales at 1,298 pounds and had inner walls reaching 6 inches thick. That is one pumpkin that would take forever to carve, and fill most household garbage cans with seeds. Apparently the entire process took around 8 hours to complete this years Halloween Google Doogle and here it is:

The time lapse above is the actual video being used on Google’s homepage for this years doodle. If you slow it down they have all sorts of employee’s walking around in costumes, and they even put traffic cones on our dear friend Andy the Android’s head.

To celebrate Halloween this year, the doodle team wanted to capture that fascinating transformation that takes place when carving a pumpkin,” writes Sophia Foster-Dimino, a Google doodler. “Instead of picking up a few pumpkins from the grocery store, however, we decided to work on six giant pumpkins, specially delivered from nearby Half Moon Bay (some weighing well over 1,000 pounds).”

This might not have much to do with Android but I swear I saw him at least a few times in the doodle video right? I’m sure you all enjoyed the doodle today, just as I have so keep it up Google. I think the second “G” is my favorite of all the letters too. Check out behind the scenes with the Google Doodle video below and have a safe and Happy Halloween.