Google’s Daydream Labs came up with some fancy new executions for Google’s newest toy, the augmented reality (AR) platform called ARCore. And as it is with Daydream Labs, they come up with the coolest things. The best we’ve seen is using ARCore to create a window into Street View.

ARCore is Google’s new platform for AR, and it plans to bring this technology to all the devices that can handle it. Think of it as pretty much like what Google Daydream is for virtual reality. To let us see what ARCore can do, Google made the people at Daydream Labs have a go at it. Consider, for example that you can use ARCore like a magic window to use Google Maps’ Street View feature. See the video below.

You don’t even have to use the arrows on Street View anymore, just move your phone around to see what you’re looking at. Or you can use ARCore to give someone visual directions to where you are. This particular feature uses Google’s Visual Positioning Service (VPS). See the video below.

This prototype app lets you share your position with a friend, and they’ll be guided right to where you are with VPS. Daydream Labs is showing us what can be possible with AR – check out the source link below for the other apps they created for ARCore.

SOURCE: Google