Huawei has been a favorite subject whether it’s good news or bad news. This week started not so good for Huawei loyal fans as Google is reportedly cutting off some businesses with the top Chinese OEM. Other global companies like Qualcomm, Intel, and Broadcom are also cutting their ties with the No. 2 mobile brand in the world today. Expect more related information will be shared or confirmed as more questions are now being asked. We’ve heard of numerous questions and confusing complaints but at this point, what matters is what Huawei will do or say about it.

Huawei has been asked of its steps to complying with the call of the US government to discontinue any business with the Chinese company. It sounds easy to answer but no full details are provided.

The Android team has moved to comply with the request of the US government. Huawei hasn’t sent out an official explanation or statement yet but the Android developers themselves assured the public, mainly the Huawei fans, that “services like Google Play & security from Google Play Protect will keep functioning on your existing Huawei device”.

Current Huawei phone owners can still expect the next few Android updates including the security of the Google Play and Google Play Protect. There may be big changes in the near future but nothing to worry, at least, for now.

Being on the US’ trade blacklist set by the Trump government is not going to be helpful of Huawei. Restrictions may be enacted but we doubt those brands that make use or use Huawei products will listen to the recommendations right away. Having no access to the Android ecosystem may be possible but will extremely be difficult.

Huawei has also assured consumers they have kept enough processors and parts for the next quarter. We’re guessing the production of the new phones will be more focused now.


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