Nexus 6 Project Fi

We have yet to know how the Project Fi fares because Google is still in the process of sending all invites. Others have reported they already received their Project Fi-compatible Nexus 6 and said that Google even added some freebies like a phone case, headphones with splitter, and an extra external 6000mAh battery.

Over at Reddit, a certain pvcducttape asked if anyone else got those items with their order. The extra battery mentioned is actually an external battery since back is not removable. Other redditors shared their experience and said they also got the freebies. These extra, free stuff appear to be ‘thank you’ gifts from Google for joining Project Fi this early.

There are those who joined the new cellular service only by buying a Sim but it didn’t come with anything. Others choose to buy a Nexus 6 from other carriers like T-Mobile because it’s cheaper by a hundred bucks. For obvious reasons, there is no need for Google to add those freebies because you’re not getting the phone directly from them.

Google Project Fi Nexus 6 free items b

The redditor even posted photos of the free items from Google. Based on the images, Google really prepared for this Project Fi and Nexus 6 package. The free stuff actually make the Nexus 6 on Project Fi attractive. The 6000 mAh external battery alone is worth the price you’re paying initially for the phone.

Another redditor, oil3r, also shared another good news. He placed his order last week, got the phone this Monday together with the external charger, case, and earbuds. The next day, Google sent another email containing a $150 account credit. According to oil3r, credit was sent because Google is going to discount the price of the phone and the tech giant “didn’t want him to miss out on this”. Google has already dropped the price of the Nexus 6 by $150 on both Google Store and Amazon.

So the extra items appear to be a welcome kit to some people. No details how many customers will get the freebies or until when Google will keep on sending them out. Others are not lucky though like poopinlunchbox who bought a Nexus 6 through the Project Fi sign-up but only received a note saying Sim was already pre-installed.

This package is also believed to be a surprise so to those thinking of getting one, maybe it’s time you sign up. Who knows, Google might just send you the surprise gift. Let us know if you get the free items.

VIA: Reddit