We recently saw Google rollout the AutoAwesome Snow setup. This allowed Google+ users to add falling snow to an image. While neat and somewhat fun to play with, it seems that is just one perk Google has lined up for the users. They will also be offering an AutoAwesome Year in Review for those who have been sharing images and video on “Google+ all year long.”

There wasn’t much more said about how you qualify, however these are expected to arrive shortly. Details coming from +AnilSabharwal mention how they will be arriving “in the next week or so.” With that in mind, if you think you fall into the category of having been uploading images all year long — keep an eye out for the update notification to arrive.

Sounds like a nice little perk coming from Google, and just maybe, one that will convince some to begin uploading images to Google+ on a more regular basis — in hopes of seeing something similar towards the end of next year. While this will save some time and effort on the part of the user, thinking back to my personal photo stream and I am a bit curious to see what will show up.

To that point, there was a bit more in terms of detail shared by Vic Gundotra. He reiterated how these AutoAwesome Year in Review videos would be rolling out over the next week, but also mentioned how simply uploading isn’t the only criteria needed in order to get one. It seems this is also dependent on image quality and algorithms.

It depends on a lot of factors (the quality of your pictures, if our algorithms believe we can auto create a high quality movie for you, etc)