It’s Update Wednesday again and Google definitely has a few stuff in store for us. Earlier we heard about the standalone Google Drive apps but now Google has apparently silently pushed out a new Google Search version that, among other things, adds a new Parking Location card to the stack.

Google has been touting Google Now, which is of course part of the Google Search package, as your perfect travel companion. Now that’s not just for traveling out of town or to some unfamiliar location. Google Now also features traffic incident reports that try to lessen the strain of your daily commute and now it will also help you locate where you parked your car. It might be an embarrassing situation, but one that is not totally unfamiliar to anyone who has been faced with a monstrous parking lot.

The Parking Location card will mark where you got off your car. Actually, Google Now tries its best to guess that by determining when you’ve stepped out of a vehicle, which means it doesn’t really differentiate between getting off your car or getting off a bus. Of course, like any other card, you can choose to keep it from bothering you. The tricky part is waiting for the card to show up in the first place, which all depends on what you’ve set as your default traveling mode in Google Now’s settings.

There are, of course, other changes tagging along in this update. A revamped Reminders interface makes it easier for you to add reminders as well as see those in the past and in the future. Google Search has also reportedly improved the “nickname” feature that lets you attach more familiar and casual labels to certain contacts, like “mom”, “girlfriend”, or “husband”, a feature that was introduced last February. The update to Google Search will slowly be rolling out to users over time, or you can download it via the link below, and, once installed, will bump the version number to

Download: Google Search APK