Google has announced a trio of new apps today; Docs, Sheets and Slides. Essentially, Google has broken down the Drive app. Docs and Sheets are both available in the Play Store from this very moment, and Slides is said to be coming soon.

The Docs and Sheets apps will allow users to create new and edit existing. You’ll also be able to collaborate with others. Other highlights of the app include the ability to work offline and automatic backups — just in case your connection suddenly drops as you are working. Everything is saved as you type, and will then start saving again once your connection returns.

And to clarify the offline support; that includes the ability to view, edit and create new — just as if you had a solid connection. Google also has both of these apps set so you’ll be presented with the most recently edited files when you first open the app. There will obviously be times when you need to work on something you haven’t touched in a while and for that you can scroll or search. But in general having the most recently edited first available should make getting to work just a bit quicker.

As mentioned, Docs and Sheets are already available in the Play Store. Those not wanting to go and download the apps can also look forward to getting a gentle nudge in the future. Google has said they will prompt you to download the apps when you go to edit or create a document or spreadsheet in your Drive app. Otherwise, the Drive app will remain available and functional as a place to view and organize your files.

SOURCE: Google Drive Blog