Android and its fragmentation has long been the discussion of many of its competitors as well as our own users. As much as we’d all like to agree, or disagree, there is some fragmentation that we all can at least agree on. With so many types, models, screen sizes, and CPU speeds being some large ones. Personally this has never been a large issue for me as most games and apps have always worked just about perfect. You can read about Angry Birds creators Rovio on Fragmentation. On Thursday Google came out with some information that will soon change all of that. The Fragments API.

Google has just released a new Fragments API, it is available now through the SDK Updater, it’s called the “Android Compatibility Package”. This is a very big step for Google and Android, as fragmentation has been a topic of argument since the beginning. On the Google developer blog they note that this API is a part of Honeycomb, and does not help developers that build for older versions of Android.

They have just released a library that will now also help applications that are compatible with Android 1.6 or later to take advantage of the Fragments API to make them also be tablet-compatible. Developers can start on this right away, Sounds to me like that knock on tablet app numbers Steve Job’s mentioned a few days ago, will soon be very wrong.

[via Android Developers]