Android for Work

Google has finally rolled out the Android for Work app on the Google Play Store. The search giant seems to be really serious in bringing reliable solutions to the business and enterprise. Just the other day, Google announced there will be a Chrome Live Event this April 23 focusing on the Chrome for Work. And now, the Android for Work is expected to help empower the workforce with more productivity and business tools to get your job done.

You may have your very reliable Android smartphone with you but sometimes, you really need to separate work and play. You can install a few games and entertainment apps on your phone or tablet but you need to make sure you finish your work first. Android for Work will separate and encrypt your work data so others won’t be able to accidentally touch or delete them.

Android for Work app can benefit those people always on the go. Busy professionals know the value of hard work and Android for Work app will help you protect business data, have secure access, and basically just the piece of mind you can finish the job even when you’re stuck in traffic, at home, or while you’re on a vacation.

This is Android for Work’s initial release only for Android 4.0 to 4.4. Most of the features included here are already built into Android 5.0 Lollipop. App only works with other Android for Work partner solutions.

Download Android for Work from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Google for Work