Chrome Live

Sorry to burst your bubble but Chrome Live isn’t what you think. It is not another Google-developed Chrome product to add to your already growing collection of Android- and Chrome-powered devices. It’s a Google event happening online. Google just announced the first Chrome Live happening on April 23, an online event that will allow the search company to show off Chrome for Work. Since it’s an online event, you can say this is one global affair.

Aside from Android, Google’s own Chrome project has evolved so much. It’s not just a web browser anymore. The name Chrome is now associated with Chromebook, Chromecast, Chromebox, and just recently Chromebit. Too many Chrome? Google now aims to manage all those by bringing them in one place. We don’t know exactly how the Mountain View company will do that but this is Google For Work. Actually, it’s Chrome for Work.

More businesses today look to Google for business solutions. People are using more Chromebooks than ever because of the price, functionality, and accessibility. Google is already known to offer relevant web-based solutions and this Chrome can help maximize productivity.

It’s obvious this will be focused on the enterprise. A number of speakers will be sharing about Chrome’s evolution and how it is changing the workplace. Take note that this is different from Android for Work but the two could be very well related or can be integrated.

If you’re interested to attend the Chrome Live event, just register on the website. Be prepared for what the Chrome for Work team will showcase.

SOURCE: Google