The Chrome browser just received an update. The Chrome version 46 was released last Friday. As usual, performance improvements can be expected including new media playback controls for Android. What you won’t find now is the “Ok Google” voice action that was recently removed from the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of Chrome.

Google decided to delete the “Ok Google” feature because according to the search giant, not a lot of users take advantage of it on the said platforms. It’s still available on Chromebooks where interestingly, it first started an experimental featureIf you’re on any of those desktop systems, sorry but it will no longer be functional on default–meaning, it will stop “listening”. The voice search feature will still be ready though once you click on the mic icon on the New Tab Page and for all pages.

Chrome 46 also includes security fixes. It’s definitely an improved version of the web browser but saying “Ok Google” will not do anything now. Sorry to those few people who use this particular feature but Google decided to do away with it. From a simple Chrome plugin to a full-feature on the web browser, it has retired simply because not many people are utilizing it. It’s not totally deleted. It’s there when you tap on the microphone on found in the search box and when you open a New Tab Page.

ok google speak now

VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: Google