Today, Google put up a video showing the new features of the Google TV v3. Just the other day, Google announced that users could get access to Google Play movies, TV shows, and music on Google TV. Now, this new video lets us see it in action and get a feel for how these new features work on the platform.

The video shows what accessing Google Play content looks like on Google TV. You can see it open right to featured content, and there are options to browse by categories and top selling movies as well. The video talks about how you can use this service to view all kinds of movies, TV shows, and music. Google also shows off Google Play Music, which looks almost exactly like it does on a browser.

Google TV also shows off the new voice search. This new feature pulls in results from all the different services on Google TV such as live tv, the Google Play Store and Netflix. In the video, the host searches for the TV show Mad Men and the phrase “action comedies.” Google TV will recommend movies and shows based on your search. They also show off the voice search for saying things like “Google Maps” and “What’s on HBO.”

The video also demos the ability to see recommendations with the in-program mini-guide. This lets users get personalized ideas of what to watch next during the current program. Overall, it looks like Google is really stepping its game up on Google TV. They have not given any indication as to when v3 will be live, but we will keep you posted as soon as we know.