Google is pretty keen to spread the usage of the new Google Assistant, thereby replacing the older Google Now in the process. Google Assistant was initially integrated in Google Allo, Google Home, and in the Pixel phones – but now it’s also found in Android Wear and non-Pixel phones running Marshmallow and Nougat, with support for Android TV and Android Auto on the way. Today, Google is releasing the Google Assistant SDK developer preview, for developers to have fun with.

The Google Assistant SDK allows developers to start building their own hardware prototypes that will have the Google Assistant embedded in the firmware. These platforms can include a self-built robots or even some voice-enabled smart mirrors. The foundational use is that the SDK will allow users to interact with the Google Assistant from any platform. Check out the intro video from the mothership below.

For some inspiration, here’s Deeplocal – an outfit from Pittsburgh – making their own mocktails mixer using the Google Assistant SDK. You can even build one for yourself, as they published their documentation over Github. Check out their video below.

You can get started with the Google Assistant SDK by signing up and downloading the SDK from the official page.

SOURCE: Google